Calling All Mascots

Calling all sports teams, from highschool to college! If your school needs a new mascot to hype up the crowd [and make the rival team jealous], Strut Your Fluff is here especially for you. 



Make sure you read our Terms of Service, FAQ, and Price Chart so we’re all on the same page. Feel free to check out our Gallery to see what you’re getting into!

FYI: Unless otherwise stated, everything in our TOS applies here equally. 



Contact us through We can arrange a face-to-face meeting over Zoom or in person. 



Provide us with some concept art [see Ref Sheets 101 for more info] of your mascot for quote processing and future reference.

Not sure what you want? We can design your character together! 



Price is based on character complexity, costume type [mask, partial, or fullsuit], and materials. Shipping costs are not included in the quote.





After you verify that you want to proceed with the commission, you will receive a contract to sign and then deliver to Strut Your Fluff to be confirmed.

You can sign your contract through Photoshop or a similar program. Alternatively, you can print your contract and sign it manually, sending it via scanning or snail mail. 

A 40% non-refundable down payment is then due; your project will not be started until the payment is completed. 

And then? Congratulations! Your project is placed in our queue for completion. 

FYI: Finish time is dependent on when you commission us and the lineup of other projects in our queue; if you catch us with a full queue, your slot will be placed on a waiting list for next year. We never take on new projects with a full queue; this is to ensure timely completion and to guarantee quality. 



The remaining 60% of your payment is due within 30 days of queue approval or a mutually agreed-upon time frame. We are willing to be flexible within reason.

FYI: If payment is not completed within the agreed-upon time frame, a surcharge of $60 will be applied to the existing price every 10 days thereafter, and delivery will be withheld until payment is completed.



Time to launch your project!  

If your costume is a fullsuit, you will be required to make and send us a DTD [Duct Tape Dummy]. What is that? Check out our Duct Tape Dummies for Dummies tutorial to find out!

We will send you WIP [Work In Progress] pictures as we create your costume to make sure you’re happy with it every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to let us know if anything needs to be edited– that’s what WIPs are for!



It’s happened. Your mascot is alive and ready to make some noise! 

Time for us to box it up and send it to you. 

You will be expected to pay shipping costs; as previously stated, this is not included in the costume’s price. Insurance is available upon request.

We will provide you with the tracking number so you can keep tabs on your mascot’s journey home. Let us know as soon as it arrives!

FYI: We value our clients’ feedback! Submit yours to our Facebook page @strutyourfluf or



Sudoku the pine marten is available for hire as a guest mascot for games and any event that needs some extra pizzazz! She can perform on her own or right alongside your school mascot. Anything goes! From dance to improv to cartwheels, you can bet that Sudoku will raise a ruckus. And did we mention she talks?

Sign up for her hijinks today! See her Performance Terms of Service and Character FAQ for more info.