Terms and Services

Applicants must read these Terms of Service and be 18+ years of age before requesting price quotes. 


Shipping costs are an additional charge to the completed costume and are not determined in advance. Costs may vary and will include insurance upon request. Strut Your Fluff reserves the right to choose shipping carriers and methods and is not responsible for lost or damaged received products. 


Customer contracts must be signed and received before the required 40% down payment. Failure to do so within 10 days will result in termination of your commission. 


A 40% non-refundable down payment is required within 24 hours in order to secure your slot in the official queue. The remaining 60% payment is required within 30 days of the date of approval. Failure to pay in full will result in the termination of your commission. 


All payments will be made through PayPal [no eChecks] in USD. Strut Your Fluff does not offer payment plans. 


– Strut Your Fluff reserves the right to terminate commissions at any time. 


Strut Your Fluff will make every effort to finish in a timely manner. However, to ensure quality, custom work cannot and will not be rushed. Therefore, there are no guaranteed deadlines.   

– A duct tape dummy is required for fullsuit commissions, with written identification of the responsible client. Refer to Strut Your Fluff’s duct tape dummy tutorial to learn how to make one.
  – Clients must write their names and their character names on their dummies.
  – If the duct tape dummy is not sent in 10 days or a mutually agreed-upon time frame, Strut Your Fluff reserves the right to terminate the commission. The same stipulations apply to all requested measurements.
  – If the duct tape dummy is defective, the client will be charged $60 and required to make another.


A clear and concise reference sheet of your character is required for quote applications and for commissioning. Any unacceptable concept art will be turned down. Please refer to Strut Your Fluff’s reference sheet guide.


Strut Your Fluff reserves the right to deny any designs, additions, or alterations for any reason in Strut Your Fluff’s discretion.


Design changes are accepted on a case-by-case basis. Accepted design changes may result in additional charge.


No refunds are available for completed costumes. If work on the costume has not been started yet, then payment will be refunded in full, except for the 40% down payment. Cancellation after work has begun on the costume will result in a partial refund, after deduction of accrued cost and time.  


If the commission is cancelled, Strut Your Fluff reserves the right to modify, finish, and sell the costume. This right extends to cases in which finished costumes are cancelled.


Every costume has a 90-day warranty in which minor repairs and sizing and fitting alterations are free with shipping costs at the expense of Strut Your Fluff. After 90 days, shipping costs will be defrayed to the client, and they will be charged for any repairs and sizing and fitting alterations.
  – Strut Your Fluff reserves the right to deny repairs based on mistreatment after delivery. If a costume has been accepted for repairs, it must be cleaned prior to sending to avoid additional cleaning charges.
  – Strut Your Fluff does not offer cleaning services for clients’ costumes. Care and maintenance are responsibilities of the clients. An in-depth care and maintenance guide is delivered with each costume.


Strut Your Fluff reserves the right to post online and distribute photos and videos of each costume.


Clients may not dismantle, copy, or otherwise reproduce any costume. If you end up selling your costume then you must acknowledge Strut Your Fluff in your sales post. 


– Refurbishments may be handled on a case-by-case basis and require a fee if accepted.


– Any alterations not done by Strut Your Fluff may void the warranty and all future repairs.




– You must read these Terms of Service and be 18+ years of age before hiring.

– Rates are negotiable; however, I will not perform for anything below minimum wage. Payment can be administered through PayPal but I accept cash and checks as well. 

– I reserve the right to deny performance services for any reason in my discretion. 

– I will strive to perform for as long as you want me to [within reason]. This extends to sports games beyond just halftime, prolonged stage time at concerts, and multi-day festivals. 

– At most performances I require a designated “backstage” area where I can take breaks and de-suit without other people seeing me. This is mandatory not just for my own personal safety and privacy but also for the preservation of “the magic.”
  – FYI: Heatstroke and heat exhaustion are very real threats during performance, despite the fact that I exercise reasonable precautions and have experience in avoiding it. Please keep this in mind, especially during outdoor performances.
  – DISCLAIMER: “The magic” is that element of pretend that takes place when a performer acts as a character. It is essential for a truly good audience/performer dynamic. For this reason, I will only take off my costume head in public if my safety or someone else’s safety is in danger. 

– Please note that Sudoku is a talking character. Traditionally, mascots never speak, but my performance style includes a character voice! Let me know if I will need to bring a microphone. If you would rather she performed silently for any reason, please specify this first.

– My performance style is improv-heavy and I work hard to keep interactions lively, entertaining, and unpredictable. However, if you have a specific routine you would like me to do or activities you want me to participate in, make sure you run it by me before the event. Don’t be afraid to get crazy!